View of Cold Mountain, Shining Rock Wilderness

Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

View of Shining Rock Wilderness

Today's Ozone DataYesterday's Ozone DataSeasonal Ozone Exposure
Current 8-hr average concentration (ppm)0.049Maximum 8-hr average concentration (ppm)0.049Ozone exposure so far this season (W126 value)19.649
Current 1-hr average concentration (ppm)0.046Maximum 1-hr average concentration (ppm)0.051Number of hours the ozone has been greater than or equal to 0.100 ppm1

Current MeteorologyYesterday's Meteorology
Temperature(°F)44.8Minimum Temperature(°F)31.1
Average Temperature(°F)46.1Maximum Temperature(°F)44.8
Wind Chill(°F)40.1Minimum Relative Humidity(%)30.9
Relative Humidity(%)44.3Maximum Relative Humidity(%)92.8
Average Relative Humidity(%)43.2Minimum Wind Speed(mph)0.1
Wind Speed(mph)8.7Maximum Wind Speed(mph)16.6
Average Wind Speed(mph)5.8Percipitation(inches)0
Instantaneous Wind Gust(mph)5
Average Wind Gust(mph)3.5
Wind Direction(degrees true)151.4
Average Wind Direction(degrees true)299.6
Percipitation in last hour (inches)0

Meteorology Data Retrieved from the State Climate Office of North Carolina

Updated: 2/1/2013


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