What is WinHaze

WinHaze results for best and worst visibility days at Shining Rock Wilderness using 80 percent relative humidityWinHaze software (version was developed by Air Resource Specialists, Inc. and is available for download as freeware.  WinHaze is a computer-imaging software program that simulates visual air quality differences of numerous scenes. The Level-1 visual air quality modeler allows a person to view visual air quality scenarios on their desktop computer as a supplement to air quality monitoring.  Users of the software can select from among 69 wildernesses managed by the USDA Forest Service, or choose a national park or urban scene. The user can then model scenes using different optical parameters or aerosol species to simulate what effect they may have on the view.

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WinHaze results for Linville Gorge Wilderness when comparing a change in relative humidity  and using 2002 summer aerosol results reported at  Views websiteWinHaze is a 32-bit software program and can be installed and run using Windows 98, 2000, NT4.0 (SP6), Windows XP or Windows 7. The minimum system requirements include an 800 x 600 true color 24-bit color display set at small fonts, a mouse, and 32 mb of RAM.  To install WinHaze first place the setup.exe in a temporary directory and then execute the setup.exe file. WinHaze setup.exe is a self-extracting setup file which will install WinHaze on your system. Also, the software is unlikely to install properly on a computer using a 64-bit system, such as Windows 7.

Note: Any previous version of WinHaze must be uninstalled prior to installing Version

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Select on the link below to obtain WinHaze  and place it in a folder of your choice (such as MyDownloads).  The  file is about 188mb, so it may take a while depending on your internet connection speed. 

Next, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the file and click on WinHaze_2.9.9.1_Setup.EXE to load the WinHaze software on your machine.

WinHaze results when reducing sulfates 80 percent using 2002 summer aerosol results reported at  Views website for Great Smoky Mountains National Park and applying the data to Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock WildernessPlease note that the WinHaze freeware version is provided "as-is" and no technical support is included. Please contact Air Resource Specialists, Inc. for more information on WinHaze related services available.   The mention of a company or product is for convenience and does not represent an endorsement by the USDA Forest Service.

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