Revisions to the VSmoke and VSmoke-GIS Smoke Dispersion Model Interface

1) A correction has been made to the conversion of the heat release rate values obtained from the Fire Emission Production Simulator (FEPS) software. Heat release rate numbers used by VSMOKE and VSMOKE-GIS are now lower than earlier versions of the user interface software.

2) The FEPS results are used to produce values to enter into the internet based HYSPLIT Ready atmospheric dispersion model.

3) Brief instructions are available to download on how to use the FEPS, VSMOKE and VSMOKE-GIS interface to provide input and run the HYSPLIT Ready atmospheric dispersion model.

4) Updated and added addional internet links to help you enter data into the VSMOKE and VSMOKE-GIS user interface.

5) Double click on the icon (upper right coner) on the FEPS emission menu and display the PM2.5 emission rate results in a chart in Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

6) The fine particulate (PM2.5) and carbon monoxide (CO) results are color coded using the Air Quality Index (AQI). Please note the hourly fine particulate matter AQI values were obtained from a publication from the California Air Resources Board.